Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Customs Night - 2/10/12

Valentine's Day Edition!

Love is in the air...
Next Tuesday, people around the world will get together with their loved ones and spend a romantic evening together. Tomorrow night, we don't want your flowers or your candy. We only want one thing and we will kick and scream until we get what we want, because we're mature like that.

We want play Halo.

I know what you were really thinking, you perverts.

NOTICE: Last Forger Standing
Forger of such maps as Onslaught, Knockin' Zombs, and Pinball, Pete the Duck has been hosting a contest called Last Forger Standing through his website for the last few weeks. Each week, the participants would be given a Forge challenge to be judged and each week, one participant was eliminated.

This week, Pete needs some players to test the lastest submissions for review, and asked Community Customs if we could hook him up with the goods.

If you are interested in testing the submitted maps for Last Forger Standing during Customs night, please indicate so in your reply. Pete needs about 8 or 9 players on stand-by to jump into his lobby and stay for the duration of the testing. We ask that the participating players, SEspider and Joony Joon, do not join the testing lobby. They can, however, remain in the Customs Night lobby and enjoy Writer's Mind and Death Race to their heart's contents. <3

To sign-up for Customs Night, just post a comment in a reply to this post with your XBOX LIVE gamertag included and we will send out invites at 9pm EST. If you fail to join, simply send a text XBOX LIVE message to "ihyokin" and ask for another. If our lobby is full, we will start a second one(to be hosted by SEspider).

We play every week at 9pm EST on Fridays. Please make sure to check out our forums to interact with other members and read about upcoming news and updates.

See you guys tonight.

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