Friday, February 3, 2012

Customs Night (02/03/12)

Roads? Where we are going, we don't need... "roads."
After almost two weeks of squeezing a bit of coding in between work and girl drama, I have finally finished working on the Community Customs website. Well, for the time being. This is our official launch post and while we do have a functional website online, that was only half the work. We need creative members of our community to browse the site, tell me what they like and dislike, and work with us to develop the best website that we can. Let's start off by hosting the first Customs Night for our 2012 relaunch! 

To sign-up for Customs Night, just post a comment in a reply to this post with your XBOX LIVE gamertag included and we will send out invites at 9pm EST. If you fail to join, simply send a text XBOX LIVE message to "ihyokin" and ask for another. If our lobby is full, we will start a second one(to be hosted by SEspider).

We play every week at 9pm EST on Fridays. Please make sure to check out our forums to interact with other members and read about upcoming news and updates.

See you guys tonight.

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